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Social Security Tool

Understanding your social security benefits can be a challenging task and there are several important questions one should ask themselves when first applying for their social security income benefit. For example:

1) What benefit type is best for my personal situation?

2) At what age should I claim my benefit?

3) How is social security taxed?

4) How does Medicare affect my income?

5) Is my benefit, combined with additional income enough to fund my desired lifestyle?

It is important that these questions, among many other's are answered prior to claiming social security since the decisions you make can have a great impact on your lifetime benefit amount. The professionals at Anchor Financial Group understand the complex social security system and stand ready to help educate and empower our clients to make decisions that will optimize their benefit amount so that they can enjoy retirement the way they have planned for. Want to learn more about your social security benefit? Try our calculator below. In 90 seconds, you will have a customized and complimentary social security report sent to you that will help you take control of your benefits. To speak with one of our professionals, please call us at (804) 673-9070.

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