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Social Security benefits can be an important part of any retirement. In fact, claiming benefits incorrectly could potentially cost you $200,000 or more in lifetime income. Knowing the different options available can provide you with a greater chance of optimizing your benefits. Deciding which choices work best for you requires careful consideration of your overall retirement income strategy. Let's start with these 5 questions below.

1) What benefit type is best for my personal situation?

2) At what age should I claim my benefit? 

3) How is social security taxed?

4) How does Medicare affect my income?

5) Is my benefit, combined with additional income enough to fund my desired lifestyle?

If you were unable to answer all of these questions confidently, we would like to offer you our FREE customized Social Security Snapshot report that can help you better understand your Social Security Benefit and help you uncover your optimal Social Security claiming strategy.
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