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Social Security

Common Misconceptions About Social Security

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There is nothing I can do to change the amount of benefits I receive


Optimizing your claiming strategy to generate the greatest amount of income can result in permanently increased benefits. 

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Claiming as soon as I'm eligible is a good way to supplement my income.

However: Don't Jump The Gun 

Claiming before you reach your full retirement age can reduce your benefits by as much as 30% for the rest of your life.

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Social Security Benefits don't need to be integrated into my retirement strategy


 Integrating Social Security benefits into a diversified retirement strategy is crucial to generating a predictable, dependable, and secure income.

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I'm not worried about reduced benefits. If I claim early I can enjoy retirement now.


Life expectancy is increasing and it is important to evaluate the chance of living to an advanced age. Consider that a healthy 65 year old woman has a 25% chance of living to age 96.

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Navigating the complex world of investments can be a daunting task. With so many choices at your disposal, how can you ensure that the strategy chosen is best for you? Building the right investment strategy to align with your goals and objectives is a critical component of the integrated retirement approach.

At Anchor, we understand the complex nature of preparing for retirement and stand ready to help our clients navigate the sea of uncertainty. Our monthly seminar series are meant to uncover these challenging questions and help you best prepare for your retirement. Register for one of our upcoming complimentary seminar's pertaining to social security and take control of your retirement today.

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